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Project Management

The term Project Management is an extremely widely used term describing a number of functions. What we have found is that project management is usually understood as taking a certain project through its motions, almost just following an existing outlined recipe. We believe the most important aspect of project management is the approach taken to conduct the management. We believe that the project management component of any project provides the ideal opportunity to evaluate the project from a strategic point of view and enable innovative solutions throughout the project lifespan or even beyond. All other functions within a project team have a very limited and narrow outlook whereas project management should always have the "bigger" picture in mind.

For all our own projects we are responsible for the Project Management component but we have been asked in some cases by our various clients to assist them with this function on other projects where we were not responsible for the project implementation. We have been responsible for project management in various types of projects that can be summarized as follows:

  • Vehicle based field surveys
  • Aircraft based field surveys
  • Large office based mapping projects (GIS and Remote Sensing)
  • Software Development
  • Software Support
  • Consulting

Relevant projects: